The Case of the Missing Vets

Solving the Case

What you can do
What can you do? There are a few key words when it comes to answering this question, but there is one that is most likely to be used: EDUCATE. Educate your sister, your friend, your cousin, your aunt, your neighbor, anyone you know about the shortage. Teach them how to be large animal vets. Your local goverment needs to know, too. On  the AVMA web site you can write to state represenatives and ask them to sponsor bills and laws that do things such as adding more vet schools specializing in large animal vets,  expanding loan repayments for large animal vet students, encouraging vet students to become vets who treat both large and small animals (a comment by Dr. Poremski, see what the experts are saying page), and encouraging more mentoring vets.

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