The Case of the Missing Vets

The Crime


Veterinarians have been disappearing in rural areas around the United States and many people are not sure why. We are very worried that this will not only affect the United States, but other countries, too. We export many animal products to places such as Mexico, Britain, and Canada. The  site has plenty of information, because it is the American Veterinary Medical Association.
Number of U.S. Food Animal Vets by Year
The disappearing vets are known as large animal vets (particularly food animal vets), which may be more important than the vet that takes care of Max or Fluffy. These vets aren't around as much anymore as there used to be, and this is just one theory: Where do you live? Proably in the city. Where does your friend live? Probably in the city. Where does your uncle live? Probably in the city. Many vet students belive that more people choosing to live in the city means less demand for large animal vets.

Remember, this is just one of the theories out of the dozens that exist. Who knows if this is the right one? See more theories on the Existing programsWhat you can do, and Becoming a vet pages.