The Case of the Missing Vets
Detective Kate is now studying The Case of the Missing Vets. All over the United States food animal veterinarians, also known as large animal vets or rural vets, have been disappearing. The reason has not yet been established, so you and Kate will be working together to find the truth!

These next few pages explain how the shortage can hurt our safety, and what you can do about it! Read on to learn about the Crime, the Victims, the Evidence, and how to Solve the case.
One famous story of what some large animal vets do is the story of the racehorse Barbaro.  Some people think that this is all vets do.  In fact, large animal vets do much more than you think!  Large animal vets protect animal health, human health and the environment.  

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World Veterinary Year

2011 marks the 250th anniversary of the veterinary profession!

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