The Case of the Missing Vets

The Crime

Just the Facts
Veterinarians do a lot of important things.
  • Large animal vets inspect our food and keep us safe from food sickness
  • They inspect ranches and farms for disease ridden animals
  • They perform surgery,run tests, and  use other techniques commonly used in human hospitals
  • They ensure our best animal friends get the best care possible
There are many types of large animal veterinarians.
  • horse racing vets
  • government inspecting vets
  • animal disease researching vets
  • animal disaster preparedness vets
  • farm vets
  • zoo vets
  • wild animal vets
  • mixed animal vets

So how bad is the shortage? There are close to 500 counties in the US that have more than 5,000 farm animals but no large animal vets in the county. There are about 1300 counties where there is not at least one vet to take care of each 25,000 farm animals.