The Case of the Missing Vets
New Idea 05/13/2011
There are two things I want to talk to you about. Thing 1: Three cheers to the Texas Veterinary Medical Association (T.V.M.A.) for putting this website on their top stories! Thing 2: I have a new idea that may help the shortage of large animal vets. It says, for every year you work as a rural vet, you will have $__.__ added to your salary from a small tax paid on meat and dairy products. Tell me  and what you think of my idea. I would love to hear your ideas as well!
Thanks for reading.

Detective Kate

P.S. Weebly RULES!!!!!!!!!!


Mrs. Schwartz

Mon, 16 May 2011 06:44:27

This is great Kate. Way to go.

Your Deer Creek Librarian is proud of your achievements!

Mrs. Schwartz


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    Kate wants to be a vet. She is currently in fourth grade, has two dogs, and a small African dwarf frog.


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